Wednesday, May 20, 2009


so a couple of days ago, at 645 in the morning, junior was getting ready for school. i had to look through his binder and sign some stuff and since it was getting hot (and the weirdos that we bought this house from didnt bother to have central air installed when they built the house), i told jr that i was going to go sit outside on the front porch for a few minutes while i did this. now let me tell you something first...jr and his friends have the "leaving for school time" thing down to a science. they leave and walk all the way down to the farthest south end of swan hill drive to be able to catch the bus at the first stop, so this way they can sit where they want and avoid the potty mouth 9th graders. they did this last year as well and also had to get permission from the school to do this, since they are supposed to get on at the last stop. so anyway, they used to leave at 700, but in the winter i guess they got tired of waiting in the cold an extra few minutes, so they switched their leaving time to leave to 709... not 708, or 710, but 709. you can bet you life that when our clocks say 709, kyle, michael, and sometimes terrick are standing on my porch at that moment. the first day of the new time switch, i could hear them discussing the time standing out there trying to figure out whose watch/cable/satellite/atomic clock was the most accurate and therefore the one to go by... nerds lol... ANYWAY.... so i am PERFECTLY aware of when these boys come to pick up jr and WHAT TIME they will be there... so when i tell jr that i am going outside, he gets a little panicked look on his face, and says.... "um, do you look embarrassing?".... HELLO? ok. so i AM wearing my pjs which are blue and white plaid boxers and a white tank and my black fuzzy slippers and my hair is pulled up in a clip that i put in without looking (heh) and OH PLEASE like i want people to see me?, but its freaking hot in my house and i was only going to be outside for less than 5 minutes... he can tell by MY face that i was thinking "did he just ask me that?" and quickly said... "you know that that is a perfectly legitimate question...." WHATEVER!!! just for that, i went outside til 708...

ok not really, but i thought about it... =) so everyone with cute little new babies, just remember that someday those cute little new babies will think that you just might be embarrassing no matter what you do and thats OK... this just caught me off guard because when there is stuff at juniors school, he always comes up to me and acts glad to see me and introduces me to his friends so who woulda thought he would worry in our own neighborhood.... ::shrug::